Sunday, December 30, 2012

Summer time ice melts

It's summer here in Australia and even though our Christmas has been pretty cool compared to those of previous years, today was a great day for some water and ice play...

My little girl LOVES water, she has been doing swimming lessons from around 3 months old and gets so excited whenever there is water around (which makes bath time easy but watering the garden hard!) The lucky Ladybug got a new water table for Christmas but hasn't really been able to use it due to the drizzly weather. Well today was her lucky day and she loved it! Adding ice to the water kept things nice and cool and gave her something new to play with in the water as well providing learning opportunities to teach her about temperature (hot, cold, warm), frozen/liquid, melting and seeing as though I added food dye before freezing we also taught her some colours. For an older child you could also investigate sinking and floating and experiment with melting different colours to see what colour they make when mixed together.

All you need is some balloons, a tap and a tub!

Fill up some balloons with water (I added yellow and pink food dye to some of them)

Put them in the freezer for atleast 12 hours

Take the frozen balloons out, cut the knotted end off and pop the ice ball out

Add to a tub full of water, water table or paddling pool

My Ladybug also had fun rolling the ice down her slide. By the end of our play she had learnt two new words (yellow and splash) and loved showing off her bubbles to Dad in the icey water.

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