Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 Screen free rainy day activities

We've had a lot of rain here lately and apparently more to come. Try out some of our screen free rainy day activities and hopefully your time indoors will be a bit brighter.

- Put some music on and DANCE
- Blow bubbles
- Play chasee
- Build a tower (and knock it down)
- Use furniture to make an obstacle course (chairs to climb under, cushions to climb over, baskets to dodge around, etc)
- Cook together
- Have a tea party with stuffed animals/dolls
- Play peek a boo
- Make a cubby house with bed sheets (and have lunch in there)
- Play toss with a basket/bucket and beanbags or soft toys
- Play the drums using pots and pans and spoons
- Read books together
- Have a picnic in the lounge room
- Sing songs together
- Play limbo with toilet paper
- Use spray bottles and cloths to clean the windows
- Colour in and draw together
- Play bowling with plastic cups
- Act out (or draw) your child's favourite story
- Play dress ups
- Make a balance beam on the ground with masking tape
- Give old wooden blocks a make over by re-painting them with bright colours and patterns
- Put on raincoats and gumboots, get an umbrella and go for a walk in the rain (if it's not too windy and cold!)
- Have a puppet show (use stuffed toys if you don't have puppets)
- Go swimming in the bath tub
- Stickers!
- Play board games (yes, they still exist!)
- Teach your kids how to play card games (I love Skip Bo and Uno)
- Give all the cars a car wash in the bath (or bath the dollies)
- Make up silly rhymes and stories

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  1. Some great ideas and inspiration thanks! I am so over the rainy weather we are having here too lately!