Thursday, May 9, 2013

Smelly match

The girls really enjoyed this game, which stimulated their senses as well as exercised their memory in a different way.

All you need is some cotton balls and essential oils (or you could use any kind of scented liquid if you don't have essential oils available at home already) - for ease of categorisation we also drew up a labelled table on some paper, but this isn't necessary.

Put a drop or two of essential oil on a cotton ball (scent 2 balls per oil), jumble all the cotton balls up and then take turns sniffing each cotton ball to match the scents.

To help with identification I went through and named each scent to the girls before we started.

As mentioned above, we drew up a table to help us define each scent and pair our matches.

So proud to identify a scent on her own AND to make a match!

Apparently some of them don't smell so good!

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