Monday, January 20, 2014

Learning the alphabet: The letter C

The letter C

Here is a list of activities we did this week involving the letter C:

- We watched some more alphabet videos. Ladybug has the song down pat now (well aside from the "elemenohpee" part, hehe) but she still enjoys watching the videos and singing along. There are so many out there on Youtube, we watch different ones every time.

- Big C stencil, which Ladybug actually tried tracing around in big circles. Big C and little C tracing along dotted lines.

- We learnt the Auslan finger spelling for C, which is all fingers of your left hand into a firm C shape (as if you were holding a cup. You can see a demonstration on the Auslan website, here

- The girls made cards for someon special. Ladybug made one for her Nan's birthday and Petal made one for her Opa's birthday 

- C stamping with the Kikki K alphabet stamps.

- We made some Pinterest inspired rainbow crayons. I broke up an assortment of coloured crayons and the girls piled them into a muffin tin. Bake in the oven for 10mins at 180 degrees. Easy peasy. 

- The girls made a paper plate clown.

- Ladybug painted some cats. We also spoke about and played with our own cat, Rufus (he really is as quirky as he looks) 

- The girls made some egg carton caterpillars by painting a segment of egg carton then attaching some pipe cleaner antennas and pom poms. We also had a look at the Case Moth cocoon which has taken up residence on our front steps. We talked about how caterpillars build cocoons and turn into butterflies or moths 

- Chalk drawings on the driveway.

- Ladybug and Petal took some spray bottles and washers outside and spent time cleaning the car together. 

- We went to the circus! This part wasn't actually planned. We were very kindly given some tickets by a friend and it just so happened to be during our C week 😜

Some other ideas for the letter C:

- Baking cupcakes or a cake
- Crowns (wearing or making)
- Cutting 
- Clay activities 
- Crackers, cheese, cucumber, celery
- Cooking 
- Camera 
- Chasing 

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