Friday, June 28, 2013


One of our latest projects in the Ladybug household is our worm farm. In preparation for the greenhouse we will soon be getting we wanted to prep our current plants and soil and a worm farm seemed like the best option for us.

We got our set up from Bunnings, but I have also seen tutorials on how to make your own from old bath tubs or styrofoam boxes. The farms are so simple to start up and maintain and Ladybug REALLY enjoys being involved.


Her first worm experience was when we added the 2000 compost worms to the farm and now she asks about them every few days. We also hired a book 'Worms: The Mechanic of Organics' from the library to help her understand. She loves reading and wanted to read it again and again again!


We have a bin in our kitchen purely for kitchen scraps now and Ladybug knows that bin is for her beloved "woms" and comes with us whenever we take a bowl out to feed them. Worms will happily eat fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, cardboard and cotton. They don't like meat, dairy, onion, garlic, chilli or citrus.


So, why have a worm farm?

Worm 'wee' and poop is one of the best things you can use to fertilise your garden and keep your soil full of nutrients. Every week our worms gives us a bucket of liquid fertiliser and every few months we'll get a tray of solids which can be used to mix through the soil. Mr Ladybug and I like to grow as much of our own fruit, veggies and herbs as we can so aren't really keen on covering our plants with chemicals. Now hopefully, with the help of our worms we can say bye, bye to synthetic fertilisers!


How to find out more?

Here in Sydney, Australia some councils offer free worm farms or compost bins as a part of The Compost Revolution <--- Click here to find out if your council is involved

There is a lot of worm information out there if you do a Google or YouTube search. If you're interested try one of these websites: Worm Farmer , Tumbleweed

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