Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sticky wall

The girls love this craft and it's a good way to use up all of those odds and ends you might have lying around from past craft activities.

All you need is some contact (preferably clear, but atleast transparent!), Blutak, scissors and an assortment of craft items (cotton balls, buttons, sequins, paper cut outs, pom poms, feathers, paddle pop sticks, etc)


Cut the contact into large squares, and Blutak it (sticky side out) to the wall within your child's reach. Peel off the paper backing and let them decorate it with the odds and ends you have available.

I always talk to the girls and ask them questions about what sort of items they're using (for example "What colour is the circle?", "The feather feels soft", "Can you find a triangle?") and I really find this sort of interaction helps out in other situations too. Ladybug is very descriptive and relates things she encounters with things she has experienced before - during this particular activity she learnt what a 'love heart' was and now points them out to us all the time!

Once your child has finished place another square of contact on top of the masterpiece to preserve all the little pieces and to keep everything else sticking to it!


Ladybug and Petal enjoy this activity which seems to be different every time depending on what we have handy around the house. Interestingly, Petal (4) uses this activity to make a picture whereas Ladybug (23mnths) uses this activity to match up the similar items she can find in the container.


When the weather is nice we sometimes do this activity on the other the outside of the house and the girls find things in the backyard to stick on the contact (leaves, twigs, grass, dirt, seeds, etc - they like to see what will stick) rather than ones I provide.

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