Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mini handheld masks

We've been bailed up inside lately due to the continuous downpour of rain going on in Sydney (and just about everywhere else in Australia too!) so for something new I made Ladybug some mini handheld masks.

All you need is some old magazines, scissors, laminator, paddle pop sticks and sticky tape.

I cut out an assortment of eyes, noses, mouths and faces. I ran them through the laminator (if you don't have a laminator you could stick the cut outs onto some cardboard to stiffen them up) then sticky taped paddle pop sticks onto the back of them so they can held in place like masks.

Ladybug thought it was hilarious if I held up some eyes over my own or a funny mouth. We played around looking at all of the different features and talking about what they all are. She is pretty down pat with naming different parts of the face so we were able to go a bit further and talk about the emotions behind the picture (e.g: "this smile makes me look happy!", "this frown makes me look sad" and so on) and when she began lifting the masks to her own face it helped her become more aware of where all of her own features are on herself.

We used the iPad's reverse camera to take photos and laugh at ourselves.

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