Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Weading Wednesday" - Bookshelves!

Ladybug LOVES books. When she toddles off on her own she is almost always found in her room 'reading' her books or holding a book up to you saying "Wead, wead!" So I thought it fitting to do a book review every week.

To kick things off though, we will start with our bookshelves. A massive part of her book love is due to the fact that she can access her books whenever she likes. They are always on display and not kept up on a shelf out of her reach.

When I first caught a glimpse of these library style 'rain gutter bookshelves' which went a bit viral last year, I was in love. Unfortunately my husband wasn't! So these spice racks from a storage shop were my compromise (that and the fact that I did this while he was working away in WA for 2 weeks!) These particular ones are from Howard's Storage World and were a bit pricey to buy all at once, so I bought them gradually row by row. For us though, the expense has been totally worth it. Plus they come with everything you need to install them. Easy!

Now Ladybug has all of her books out at once and can choose her own for story time before bed and can go and look at them whenever she pleases - so now just be prepared to read whatever the current fave is a gazillion times a day! ;-)

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