Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Weading Wednesday' - Advance Australia Fair

Having just had our Australia Day celebrations I thought this book was a suitable pick for this weeks review.

As the title suggests, this book, by P.D McCormick is Australia's National Anthem in story book form. It was Ladybugs favourite for awhile and she was bringing it to us daily to be read! She loves the colourful bright pictures even if she doesn't quiet understand the meaning yet.

Having an ex - Army dad, we're pretty patriotic here. Teaching Ladybug about the country she lives in is important to us, not just in the sense of National Anthems and so forth, but also about our culture, lifestyle, native animals, environment, etc. I love the country we live in and can't wait to help her discover and learn about it too.

The book has BOTH verses, which Mr Ladybug and I are now pretty competent in (making us look super, super patriotic whenever this fact is found out!)

It even has the music - totally lost on us unfortunately but may be useful to some!

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