Friday, January 25, 2013

Watching the tides

Ladybug is 17 months old so a bit young to understand this activity but she still listened to all we had to say and proudly exclaimed words when she saw or heard something she knew ;-)

We drove down to the local ferry warf and caught a boat over to the Royal National Park for lunch and to have a play and explore. Not one to let a learning opportunity escape us I decided to do a little comparison with the tides. I wasn't sure how much the kids might already know so as we were waiting on the warf for the ferry to arrive I suggested that we take a photo of the water level and see if it's any different when we come back. No one mentioned 'tides' so I left things as they were, we snapped some pics of the water around the warf and hopped on the ferry to go. We took a few more photos of the warf at our destination and then ran off to play...

When we returned to the warf to go home the kids couldn't remember where the water level was before so we decided to take some photos anyway and compare them all when we get home. A few more photos as we got off and back home we went.

When we sat down to compare the photos the kids noticed that the water levels were slightly different and asked why (we were only at the park for an hour so the difference wasn't staggering, but still noticeable!) so on to Google we went...

First we watched this great video:

The good thing about this was that we could pause and repeat any parts the kids found confusing, but I found the representation he used to be a good example.

After this we looked up a tide chart online.
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